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Support for patient, family, and friends

Whether you're the one facing opioid addiction, a family member seeking help or a clinician caring for a patient affected by opioid addiction, we can help. 

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality medication-assisted treatment to persons addicted to opiates and, to do so in a supportive environment that respects the dignity, self-worth and value of the people we serve. 

Helping patients, families and clinicians

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When you are ready to reach out for help, you want to know someone is there.  Our team will respond promptly so you can get started right away.

Same or next day appointments available

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I had tried treatment several times before, but it never worked.  Then I learned about this place from a friend.  The staff is wonderful.  I appreciate the compassion and understanding they show me.  They treat me like a human being.  I have hope!  

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